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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Meet Lorinda from Stylin Babyz

Hey all!   I will be posting here to direct you over to my Word Press blog until I'm quite sure that everyone has book marked me over there!

Sorry if I am a pest!

robin  :-)

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For those of you that may have missed it, I am over at Word Press now.  Please sign up to follow me over there!  I have a new SPECIAL going on.  :-)

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Friday, November 30, 2012

Give Away Time

So…I'm going to do a little giveaway.  Unfortunately, blogger will no longer let me post pictures without paying for them :-/   SO, I'm going to give WORD PRESS a try.

Please go HERE to follow my NEW blog!  See you over at Word Press!

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Saturday, November 10, 2012

It's Been Awhile

Yes, it's been awhile since I've remembered to take pictures of my customer's quilts to show to ya'll.  This particular quilt, however, really needed to be shared.  It was made by my customer's grandmother.  The top has been finished for years.  It's in such good shape that she was even able to wash it without incident.

I told her that the quilt needed to say who it was made by.  Instead of a label, my customer opted to have me embroider her grandmother's signature onto the bottom border.

embroidered signature

"methodist" fan

Such a lovely treasure!  I was honored to be the one to quilt it.

~   robin  :-)

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Future Collection From Moda

I guess that Moda has been my favorite fabric manufacturer for …. well…  EVER!

First there was 3 Sisters.  Then April Cornell.
When I first saw French General, it was over.
Hands down my favorite.  But wait!
Now there's BasicGrey, Cosmo Cricket,
Sweetwater… that's not to say that I DON'T like the others.

Primitive Gatherings, for instance.  Their new
"Snowman Gatherings" is calling my name.  :-)

"Snowman Gatherings is a festive gathering of little vintage inspired prints that remind us of snowy winter days. Whether you are blessed with a snow season or wish you could be, this collection of blues, creams and a jolly snowman or two will bring the spirit of the season to your winter projects."


SO….  What do YOU think??

As soon as I can get the projects that go with this collection loaded into a post {it won't load into THIS post} I will show you what Lisa {the designer} did with these fabrics.
You're gonna LOVE it!

~    robin  :-)

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I'm Starting A New Promotion

So…I have decided that I am going to TRY very hard to run a special on my Facebook page {and here on my blog} once a month.  A "monthly" special, if you will.  :-)  A "thank you so much" for those of you that follow me here & on Facebook.

Starting November 1st {TOMORROW, YA'LL}, this fabric here: The Sweetest Thing Main by Zoe Pearn for Riley Blake Designs C2980 Cream will be on sale for $6 per YARD!  That's right!

How do you get this fantastic price?

1) Buy one full yard {or 2.  Full yards only.  There are 15 available.  When they are gone…they are GONE!}

2) Leave a message either on Facebook or here under the comment section letting me know how much that you want

3) Pay either by PayPal or mailing a check/money order. NOTE:  the only way that I can accept a Credit Card is through PayPal

If paying by PayPal, I will send you an invoice so I will need the email address that you use for PayPal.

If paying via check/money order send payment to:
Robin's Nest  PO Box 39 Clackamas, OR  97015

{one yard ships for $3 in the USA.  YES!  I will ship out of the country}

So tell me, what do you think about my new promotion?

~   robin  :-)

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Friends We Meet

You meet a lot of facinating people when you have an Etsy shoppe.

Sasha Pokrass Is someone that I met through my Etsy shoppe.  She purchased some of my fabrics for the dolls that she makes & sells.  I was so impressed with her wares that I just wanted to share them {and Sasha} with you.


{this interview is from a correspondence in Sasha's hometown}

Tell me ... what is it about dolls that stir your soul? 
I cannot think of my life without dolls! I like to take a piece of fabric and create a toy from it. I like the process beginning from thinking of a new toy, drawing it, making a pattern to sewing, stuffing, working on a face and accessories. I love my son giving a first tight hug to a new toy - sometimes it is not ready yet and he doesn't want to give it back to me to finish it. Toys are my life and as an ambitious person I love the idea that in one hundred years when I'm not here my toys will still live all around the world. 

How did you get started with making dolls in the first place?
When I was 8 y.o. my friend took me to the club she attended and I was astonished with a great pile of materials there. Than I got to know that they make dolls. I came up to the owner and said that I also want to try to make dolls. We did simple toys like clowns, gnomes, african style dolls, rain drops, parrots, chickens and these toys were sold in a toy shop in our town and several times a year we visited Moscow for exhibitions and tv shows. We got the salary there for the toys made! So as a child I always had my own pocket money and paid my trips to Moscow myself) We were very popular that time: newspapers wrote about us, we were invited to tv shows to give master classes with famous people how to create a toy. Of course when i became a teenager I quited doing toys but several years ago i decided to make a toy for my bf birthday and couldn’t find any good bunny pattern in the internet. But i found the ad about the teddy bear course and decided to attend it. I liked it so much that decided to do one more bear myself. That time I worked as a PA in a huge international company and teddy bear making became my expensive hobby - almost half the salary every month i spent on mohair, eyes for bears, discs, clothes, books.

What are some of your earliest childhood memories of creativity?
I answered this question above. I'm happy that day I joined my friend and was enthusiastic  to try to do something with my hands. Unfortunately I don't have any toy from that time but I have an idea to make some of the toys we made but with all the skills and taste I have now. 

Lots of doll enthusiasts love dolls for the stories they tell. Do you think your dolls tell stories? Do you know the stories before you make a doll or do the stories come to life once you have finished a doll?

I never know the story before finishing the toy. The toys create their stories themselves.
A lot of people who bought my toys tell me the stories afterwards. One of the latest stories was told to me by one guy who bought my bear for his girl friend and this bear travelled with them for two year before he was lost somewhere in Crimea mountains. They took pictures of him in every famous place they visited and were very disappointed when he was lost. So the bear decided that's enough for him to travel, it's time to settle in one place. What can be a better place for the bear than mountains!?)

What do you think is special about soft dolls within the world of art dolls? What makes them so desirable for creators and collectors alike?
Like every thing handmade it's the charisma of the creator that makes a toy special. It's a piece of energy that people want to feel and have it around. Why people buy Van Gog? They want the energy of his creations. His pictures tell us about his life, sufferings, his desire to paint. The same with dolls - every doll tells the story of his creator - his state of mind, taste, mood. From toy to toy you can see how the artist develops. I think that is what attracts the collectors and the creators. Besides, the soft dolls you can not only see but touch, hold in hands, hug, take for a walk or to the cinema - all the things you cannot do with pocelain dolls.

Is there a color palette that you are repeatedly drawn toward? What is that palette? Do you ever force yourself to try new palettes? Is there a palette that you think you'd never try?

I like to try new colors, I cannot say that i'm drawn to one pallette. I don't force myself to try new colors. It comes itself to me in the process of work. I like to make toys of unusual colors, for example red elephants, green rabbits, pink frogs. Cannot think of any color I would never use. 

It is said that comedy = tragedy + time. Tell us about something that is funny now in terms of a crafting adventure that has gone awry for you in the past.

I should convince that my best toys were created like this. When all the doll pieces are cut already from a nice piece of mohair and I suddenly realize that one of details is missing and I don't have more material! Then I combine materials and the toy comes out gorgeous!  I like when the tragedies happen to me, then new ideas come into my head.

Sasha!  Thank you so much for sharing your dolls with us & for answering all of those questions.
Please visit Shasha's Etsy shop if you'd like to buy a pattern to make these dolls yourself.

I hear that her 2013 collection will be wearing clothing made of fabric from MY shoppe!  :-)
You can find them HERE.

~    robin  :-)